Accepted Items

New Mexico Kids Consignment Event shoppers are looking for great bargains, while quality is also important.  As a result, we will only accept items that are gently used and in good condition.

We accept boys and girls clothing in sizes from preemie to teen.  Teen sizes need to be in style and brands appealing to teens.

We accept maternity and nursing clothing that is less than 3 years old.

All cribs must be manufactured after the June 28, 2011 date to meet the new federal standard for full size cribs.

We only accept electric breast pumps

We do have a minimum price of $2.00 for all tagged items.  If an item is not worth $2.00 you may group like items together and sell them as one item (for example – similar books or two shirts in the same size).

As room permits, we will accept all seasons of clothing.

Items NOT accepted:

We will not accept stained, ripped, torn, pilled, or otherwise damaged items.  All items should smell fresh and clean.  Toys and games need to have all their parts and pieces.  All items requiring batteries must have them and work.

We do not accept stuffed animals unless they are animated and have batteries in them to demonstrate that they work.

We will NOT accept old CRT(tube) televisions or CRT Monitors.

We will not accept any recalled items.  Please go to our Recalled Products Search page to ensure that your items have not been recalled.

Carseats must be no more than five years old, check the sticker on the bottom or sides for the date of manufacture before bringing to the sale.

We also will not accept used nipples or pacifiers, used breastpump accessories, or used single-user electric breastpumps including the Medela Pump-in-Style.

We cannot accept ANY food or formula, regardless of whether expired or not.

We will not accept any pet products such as cages, aquariums, terrariums, etc.

We will also not accept:

Children’s jewelry and leaded crystals such as Swarovski crystals or rhinestones of any sort (due to lead concerns).  We will accept plastic rhinestone-like adornments in all sizes.

Sweatshirts, jackets, and coats with neck or hood drawstrings and pants or shorts with waist or bottom drawstrings in sizes 2T through 12 or that extend more than 3 inches from the garment.

Miscellaneous fast food or dollar store type toys

Cribs, toddler beds, bath seats, walkers, or play-yards that do not meet the current safety standards.  All cribs must be manufactured after the June 28, 2011 date to meet the new federal standard for full size cribs.


See Supplies Needed for a list of recommended supplies for preparing your items.

For helpful information on preparing your items.

Need a little help with pricing your items? Check out our pricing suggestions page.


New Mexico Kids Consignment Events is a safer resale!

New Mexico Kids Consignment Events is committed to a safer consignment. All consignors MUST check their products against the WeMakeItSafer recall database.

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