When my children were babies and beginning to outgrow their things, I set out to find a way to sell their gently used items – often worn only once. Learn about us and our journey.

I tried several options with great disappointment. Yard sales with the majority stopping by weren’t interested in baby items and others wanted to pay a quarter for quality items. I wasn’t giving up easily. I dragged four garbage bags of clothing to a local consignment store. They only accepted one item, gave me $2.50 for it as a credit to buy something in their store only, because they had so much baby clothing and little room. I advertised on Craigslist and attempted to meet people at bad times for me but trying to work it out only to find they never showed up. I meet one person and hours later or next day meet another, what a way to divide up a day! I knew there had to be a better way.

In 2007, one of my neighbors had made the decision to have a seasonal consignment sales event and invited me to consign. After tagging a hundred clothing items and some toys, I set out to see what this sale was going to be like. In one weekend, I bought the next season’s clothes, sold nearly everything I had at the sale, and still came home with money in my pocket. I was sold! I have participated in a sale almost every season since. Honestly, depending on the items I have in the sale I have made more than $800, selling mostly clothes and small toys, but also high chairs, bunk beds, swings, car seats, cribs, my reclining rocker and more in various sales. My wonderful husband helps to clean up the larger items and toys making them look nearly new and we have had a lot of success getting more money for them. In one weekend, I sold 75-80% of what I had put in the sale and got a paycheck in less than a week – such a blessing!

In today’s economy, we feel families need help. As moms and dads we know, kids grow so fast and they need another size long before most things wear out. Our family has experienced this as well. After working nearly 10 years as a Special Events Coordinator with not-for-profit organizations, we made the decision to home school our children and I quit work. As the economy has shifted and changed, I began missing the work of helping others in my previous jobs. Several consignment sales managers and owners have moved out of the state, leaving a need. This isn’t an adventure that we would ever make a lot of money from, but it was a way to help families get by a little easier and support our family’s home school efforts. We appreciate you stopping by our website and giving us an opportunity to work with you. We hope you will find our seasonal events are just perfect for you as well. We look forward to serving you and helping you sell your items while also finding great bargains for your family.


See you at the next event!



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Rick & Jenny, organizers of New Mexico Kids Consignment Events with Chick-fil-A Cow


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