Here are some common questions about New Mexico Kids Consignment Events.


What is a Seasonal Children’s Consignment Event?
Twice a year in the spring and fall we operate a huge event where families can clean out their closets and gather together their gently used clothing, toys, maternity items, baby gear, everything from maternity to infant to teen and in between. Consignment means that we will sell your items for you in exchange for a percentage of your sales. You will discover that by selling with us you will make more money on your items with less work than with Craigslist, eBay, garage sales, or conventional consignment stores.
When are the New Mexico Kids Consignment Events held?
Twice a year – One weekend in the Spring and one weekend in the Fall.
Where are the New Mexico Kids Consignment Events held?


Is there an admission fee?

We do not charge admission for our public events. We encourage you to invite your friends and family to join you to share the ride and the fun.

We do also offer an exclusive shopping experience before the public. For more information on this opportunity see our Exclusive Star Shopper Pre-Sale Event.

Do you have fitting rooms?
No.  Due to security reasons, we are unable to provide fitting rooms
Can I bring my child(ren) to the sale?

Yes, during Public Event hours.  Please keep in mind the event will be busy and crowded at times.  Please keep your children with you at all times.

Please understand that children will not be allowed to attend the pre-sales. This is an opportunity for moms to shop without the distractions of kids.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, by law we are required to collect gross receipts tax.

Do you provide shopping carts?
We do not have shopping carts. We do, however, have Ikea bags for your use at the sale.
What forms of payment do you take?

We accept CASH, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard.  We very much appreciate cash, especially for smaller transactions.  We do not accept checks.  All sales are final.

What items are discounted on Half-Price Day?

On the final day of the sales event, items marked as “Discount: YES” will be reduced at the register by 50%.  Items marked as “Discount: NO” will not be marked down.

What items can I bring?

Please see our Accepted Items page

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers access to the online tagging service.

Is there a minimum number of items required to participate?

We ask sellers to bring at least 20 items or $50 worth of inventory.

How many items may I bring?

We have a limit of 350 items per seller.  This will help each seller choose their very best and highest quality items.  As a result, this will also earn a seller a higher return for your time spent on preparing their items.

How much money will I make?

Every seller will earn a minimum of 60% of their sales for participating in the sale.  Sellers who sign up to help sell items can earn a higher percentage.  Check out our Star Sellers incentives for more information.

Why is quality so important?

Our shoppers have very high expectations and come to our sales to purchase in-style, gently used items at reasonable prices.  Having items that are stained, torn or out of style is a waste of everyone’s time.  We know your time is valuable and do not want you to waste time hanging and tagging items that will not sell.  Please do not be offended if we turn away your items, keeping the quality level high is a good thing for all sellers in the end.  Often the lighting is different from your house and stains can be seen better if you take them outside.  If clothes are wrinkled, consider ironing them – they will sell better if they look neat.

Do I have to help at the event?

No. You can just prepare your items and drop them off at your scheduled drop-off time. Then sit back and relax.

Why should I help at the event?

It’s a lot of fun and it’s a break from the kid’s… Honestly, it takes a small army of people to put on one of these events, and we feel that who better to help sell your stuff then you. We are bringing into this one place over a weekend event a targeted market of people to shop for your items through all of our marketing efforts and website. We are creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement to help sell your items. The more you help with the event the more you can earn. See our star seller incentives to learn more.

When can I expect to get paid for my sold items?

We are now using Paypal to pay our consignors for their sold items. You will receive your consignor payment via Paypal within 5 business days of the close of our events. There is no fee from Paypal to receive your payment this way. We do pay a small fee to Paypal that is pretty close to what it would cost us to mail you a check.

Why does it take 5 days to get paid?

We accept credit card payments at our events and it takes a few business days for the credit card processors to pay us and we also have to push funds to Paypal from our bank accounts to be able to then make those payments to you. We try to get those payments out as quickly as possible and have found Paypal to be the quickest, most secure, and reliable way to do so.

Why does New Mexico Kids Consignment Events require hangers?

Wire hangers take up less space on the racks.  Wire hangers do not break as easily and shoppers are able to move them back and forth on the racks more easily.

What do I have to do to prepare my items for the sale?

Simply enter the items into the computerized system, print labels, and attach to the items.  See our preparing your items page for more info.

Why do I need to include information in the description?

We are able to search the database by description.  If tags are lost off items, we can search the database and make an effort to sell your items.  We won’t be able to determine who the “book” belongs to, but have a better chance of finding and replacing a tag with the description “Magic Tree House #33 & 34 – set of two.”

Where do I find hangers to use for my items?

New Mexico Kids Consignment Sales can sell these to you.

Contact us if you need hangers or supplies.

Katzons Brothers Hotel Supply sells child size hangers in cases of 500.

For more ideas.

Will I get my hangers back?

No, we leave the clothing on the hanger at check-out.  Many clothing items are pinned to the hangers and removing them at check-out simply takes too much time.  Many sellers also shop at the sale and replenish their supplies.  Child size hangers are not required.  Adult size hangers are welcomed as well.

What items are discounted on Half-Price Day?

On the final day of the sales event, items marked as “Discount: YES” will be reduced at the register by 50%.  Items marked as “Discount: NO” will not be marked down.  Each seller will determine which, if any, of their items will be discounted.  Tags cannot be altered by hand.  If the tag reads “Discount:Yes,” the cash register will discount the item.  Please take a moment to verify each tag to ensure it is marked as you desire.

How do I know what items have sold?

We use a computerized barcoding system that will manage the inventory of what is and what is not sold at the sale.  Each night the system will be uploaded and sellers can login to their accounts to view the items sold.  We will make every opportunity to secure your items, the facility also has video cameras to help keep items secure; however, we are not responsible for any lost or misplaced items.

How do I get my unsold items back?

If you would like your unsold items back, please return to the Expo NM School Arts Bldg. – 300 San Pedro Dr. NE at the designated pick up time.  Any items left, regardless if those items are marked as donate or not, will be considered abandoned property and will become property of New Mexico Kids Consignment Events to be disposed of at the discretion of the organizers if not picked up at the designated time.

What kind of jobs are available to Star Sellers?

Those sellers that choose to help sell items at the sales will get extra incentives.  Please see the Star Sellers page for more information.  The shifts are four (4) hours long and each seller can sign up for more than one shift.  We need help any various areas from setting up for the sale, quality control and checking in sellers during the drop off time, assisting customers during the sale, sorting out merchandise for pick-up and tear-down after the sale.  If you login to your account, after you register, you can select the job that most interests you, the date and time that works best for you.

Do I have to be a seller in order to shop early?

Only sellers can participate in the pre-sale before the public sale begins.   To have the opportunity to achieve one of these Star Seller pre-event slots, sellers will make the decision if they would like to help sell their items and other families items for four (4) hour shift(s).  The more shifts you choose, the earlier the time you may enter into the pre-event.  Everyone helping at the sale must be a seller.  Please see Star Seller Incentives for more information.

Do I personally have to help at the sale or can I send my husband in my place?

If you would like to send someone to help sell your items in your place, we will welcome them.  Husbands and fathers are always welcome to help.  We can always use some muscles with setting up the sale and tearing down.

Can I bring my kids while I help at the sale?

Please make arrangements for childcare while you are helping during the sale.  We simply are not able to provide childcare and you will be too busy to supervise them properly.  Many moms team up with another family to schedule different shift times and watch each other’s kids.

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