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The better your items look—the better they will sell. Think Presentation!  To maximize your sales, please consider the following suggestions our suggestions in preparing your items to consign.  During check-in, we will be looking over every item to help your items sell!

Supplies needed to prepare your items:

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 How to prepare your items



How to prepare your clothing items for consignment at New Mexico Kids Consignment Events.


Hang all clothing on WIRE hangers with the opening of the hook facing LEFT, like a question mark “?”.   Adult size wire hangers can be used even on the smallest clothing if you run the hanger from the bottom of the clothing item.

Attach the tag on the right side of the garment (as you are looking at it) using a safety pin.  Put a small piece of tape over the pin to secure it and increase chances of not losing the tag.  This helps protect the tag from falling off as shoppers are busy and increases the speed at the check-out area.  You may also pin to the original tag.

Pants or skirts CANNOT be folded over the bottom of the hanger.  Please use safety pins to attach to the top of the hanger. Plastic or metal clip pant hangers are not allowed (items are not secured to the hanger and often get pulled off and fall to the ground.) Secure garment with safety pin to both sides of the hanger to ensure the pants do not slide.  See picture for example.  The larger pins are most helpful with pants or skirts.  Pants and skirts will slide to the bottom of the hanger and lose its “presentation” or fall to the ground – decreasing sales potential.

For two piece outfits, pin the pants or skirt to the back of the shirt in such a fashion that the front of both pieces can be seen.  Do not pin the pants or skirts under the shirt or inside the shirt.  Using two safety pins, pin the waistband to the shoulders with the pin going through both pieces of clothing and the hanger.   Pinning through the hanger helps to not tear or rip the clothing from the weight of the pants or skirts.  See picture for example.

If you have a girl’s swimsuit or item with thin or spaghetti straps, use a safety pin to tie the straps together in the back and help to prevent the item from falling off the hanger.

Items in a bag do not sell well.  Use a hanger to hang small clothing to include preemie size and onesies.

Button all buttons, zip all zippers and snap all snaps.

Iron or use a wrinkle release spray.  Clothes that look good on a hanger sell best.

Shoes should be ziptied together or placed in a zippered storage bag or the clear plastic bags you get at the grocery store to put fruits and veggies in work great too – make sure you tape it closed.  Tags taped directly to shoes rarely stay on.  Attach the tag to the zip tie before closing or on the OUTSIDE of the bag.  Shoes should be clean, in good condition, buckles and straps working when applicable, and not excessively worn.  Use masking tape to write your seller number and item number on the tape and place inside each shoe.

Loose or small Items

Socks, bibs, hats, bottles and small toys should be placed in zippered bags taped across the top to prevent bags from being opened.  Tape your tag to the OUTSIDE of the bag.  DO NOT tape over the barcode.

Toys, furniture, swings, high chairs and other baby items

Wipe down all toys, swings, highchairs, strollers, and any other baby items.  Only clean items will be accepted.  The better it looks –  the better it will sell.

Make sure all battery-operated toys, swings, and items have working batteries.  We will be checking these items at check-in and any item that does not work will not be accepted.

Other items

Bedding should be bundled inside a large bag or tied together.  If you do not have original packaging, attach a description of what is included and take a picture of it in use often helps to give a visual of what is inside the bag and sell the product.  Price competitively!

Secure small items inside a plastic bag or tape to the item to ensure parts stay together.  You can also take masking tape with your seller number on it and tape to all parts and if lost a new tag can be created or pieces returned to the item.  It is also helpful to mark parts as “1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3” as appropriate.  The best answer is to secure well with tape.

Tape all games, lego sets, and puzzles closed.  Wooden puzzles can also be wrapped in saran wrap and taped to ensure the pieces don’t fall out and buyers can see they are all there.  All items need to contain ALL their pieces.

To make the check-in process run smoothly, please organize your belongings at home.  Do not waste your time by tagging items with stains or rips, broken, missing parts or recalled by the manufacture.  Remember to check all your items on our Recalled Product Search page to find out if an item has been recalled.  Sort all clothing into groups by gender and size.  For example place all 2T girls clothes together and all 18 month boys in a separate group.  Use rubber bands to keep sizes together for an easy check-in.  You can also place a plastic garbage bag over clothes and hangers from the top of the hanger allowing the open end of the garbage bag to hang a the bottom of the clothes if you are concerned with items getting dirty.

Contact us with any questions in preparing your items.  Please remember that quality is important.  If you wouldn’t buy an item yourself, more than likely no one else will either.

Need help with pricing suggestions?

Follow the link for information on using our online tagging system.

New Mexico Kids Consignment Events is committed to a safer resale!

New Mexico Kids Consignment Events is committed to SAFER consignment! All Consignors MUST check all their products against the WeMakeItSafer recall database.


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