Do You need an EASY way to turn your kids clutter into cash?

Make $200 – $300 & Sell it all in ONE WEEKEND!

Have you tried selling your kids stuff to consignment stores, in the buy – sell groups, or in a yard sale?!? Then you know that this “clearing the clutter” business can be very time consuming and often times not all that profitable, right?

Well don’t worry… consigning with us will bring you a BIGGER payout without all those headaches! It’s Easy to sell your kids items with New Mexico Kids Consignment Events.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Register to Sell then tag your items using our online tagging system.
  2. Drop off your items at our 2-day Event location.
  3. We send you payment for 60% of your earnings after the event! 

Sell to THOUSANDS of moms at New Mexico Kids Consignment Events


Registration ends TBD

Registration fee of $15 covers access to online tagging system.

Registration will open SOON! Join our email list to be sure not to miss getting your consignor spot.

Wondering if selling with New Mexico Kids Consignment Events is worth it?!?

  • NO MORE haggling at a yardsale
  • NO MORE Buy, Sell, Trade craziness
  • NO MORE Craiglist nightmares
  • NO MORE Ebay hassles
  • NO MORE low consignment store payouts and sell thru rates.

Our Average Consignor

Earns $200 – $300 on

their kids clothes, toys, & gear!

I was a consignor last time and a customer. It was a great experience and now I’m hooked on these events! Jenny and her family are amazing!! Thank you for such an awesome experience for this newbie 🙂


Thank you, Jenny and Rick!

I had a great time at the NMKC Sales and, even better, had a great time seeing my stuff sell! Thank you both; it was so nicely organized and so well-put together. 

Thanks again,


Well organized event. Made selling and buying easy!


I just wanted to compliment you and thank you for the NM Kids… Sale. I looked over my sales report and was pleased to see all the items and what items sold.

I think you did a great job advertising and attracting interested buyers based on what items you had to sell. The venue looked nice and  was well organized. The sale items were nicely displayed, easy to find and see. Making it more likely that items would be sold.

Setting up and taking down  a consignment sale in only a matter of days is quite a task add in all the prior planning that leads to those three super busy sale days and that is alot of work. I think you did a fabulous job and all your hard work and effort was evident in this sale.


I want to thank you both for such a great and organized event that you offer to the public and to vendors… I look forward to your next event 😉

Victoria G.

I am sold on consignment sales 🙂


First time participating in this sale (and shopping it too) and I can’t wait for the next one…! Amazing experience and found some great deals too🙂  Jenny is the sweetest, most understanding, and helpful person ever!!


Great year after year. Amazing bargains. Very easy to become  a seller. Earn great money, network. Rick and Jenny are the best! I believe in the dream they see.


What do you accept?
We accept clothing from infant to teen, Maternity wear, baby gear, toys, books, etc. For a more complete list see our Accepted Items page.
How does this work?
Very simply, you go to our registration page to reserve your spot. There is a small registration fee of $15 to cover your access to the online tagging system. You enter your items into the system. Print your tags and attach them to your items. Schedule your drop off time in the system and bring them to our event location at your appointment time. Then just sit back and we’ll do the rest. You will receive your consignor payout within 7 days after the event thru your Paypal account. See our Sellers Information page for more info.
What is the consignor split?
Our consignors start at 60%. You just need to prepare your items at home and tag them using our online tagging system. Then drop them off at our event location on the day and time that you schedule within the tagging system. That’s all you need to do. We’ll do the rest. Want to earn a bigger split? Check out our Star Seller Incentives page.
Won't I make less than if I sell it myself at a yard sale or on a buy, sell, trade group?
You may be surprised to find that because we bring in a very targeted audience of mom’s that are shopping specifically for children’s items thru our marketing, that you will make more than you would by selling it yourself in a yard sale or buy, sell, trade group. Not to mention, you are also saving the time and hassle of dealing with people who are trying to haggle with you. You also save time and money by not having to chase all over town to meet up with the buy, sell, trade folks.
Will this take a lot of time?
There is honestly a small investment of time to prepare your items, but compared to all the hassles of dealing with the other alternatives of Consignment Stores, yard sales, and buy, sell, trade groups this is truly the easiest and most profitable way to sell your kids stuff. A little bit of effort in the preparation also goes a long way toward helping your items to sell better. We set up our event venue very much like a large store with nice clothing racks, display racks and tables all very well displayed with signage helping customers to find what they are looking for.
Won't Paypal take a percentage of my consignor payout?
No. Paypal does NOT charge you a fee to receive your consignor payout. We do pay a small fee to send you your funds that is about the same as it would cost us to mail you a check. But instead of having to wait days for the mail to deliver, Paypal is almost instantaneous. You are then able to use your funds to make purchases online like you normally would with Paypal or you can transfer funds to your linked bank account.

Sell to THOUSANDS of moms at New Mexico Kids Consignment Events


Registration ends TBD

Registration fee of $15 covers access to online tagging system.

Registration will open SOON! Join our email list to be sure not to miss getting your consignor spot.

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