Sellers Information

We welcome anyone to be a seller – not just for moms!

Every seller will earn a minimum of 60% of the selling price that YOU set at each sale.  Star Sellers can earn as much as 75%.  We are looking for high quality new and used items.  Quality is the key to selling well at New Mexico Kids Consignment Events.  High quality items sell VERY well – no matter the brand name.

You must bring a minimum of 20 items; there is a limit of 350 items.  Please select to bring your best items to maximize sales.  We do not want you to waste time tagging items that will not sell.  If more than 80% of your items sell in this sale, we will allow you an additional 100 items in the next sale.

We accept all-season clothing and accessories. See our accepted items page for more information.

A $15 seller participation fee is required at registration.

There is a minimum price of $2 per item.  If a single item won’t bring $2 alone, consider combining like items for a higher price (for example – two shirts (same size), a bag of bottles, or several books).

Each seller must check ALL items for recall notices.  Please check our Recalled Product Search page to ensure your items are safe for all children.

As a seller, you will be able to shop our Seller Pre-sale.  Your name will be on a list and will check-in upon arrival to the pre-event.

We are now excited to be paying our consignors using Paypal. No more waiting for your check to arrive in the mail. Your funds will be sent to the email address on file so you receive the funds instantaneously once they are sent, usually 4-5 Business days after the event.


View our Star Seller Incentives to see how you can earn more!

See our recommended list of supplies.

Find out how to prepare your items.

To get started – Register Here

New Mexico Kids Consignment Events is a safer resale!

New Mexico Kids Consignment Events is committed to a safer consignment. All consignors MUST check their products against the WeMakeItSafer recall database.

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