Supplies Needed

We have included a recommended list of supplies needed to help you to best prepare your items for consignment at New Mexico Kids Consignment Events. We have also included brief explanations how to use these items. You can either purchase these on your own (we have included suggested places to purchase) or we do offer them at cost as a service to our consignors.

White or light colored cardstock - required

We use an online barcoding system.  All tags will be entered into the system, printed on cardstock with black ink, and placed on each item.

Plain paper tags will not hold up during the handling process.  If an item loses a tag, we will make every effort to find and reattach; however, it is not a guarantee.

You can find 60, 65, or 67# cardstock at discount stores or office supply stores.

Dark colors will not scan, only white or light pastels are acceptable.  Also, no multicolored or patterned papers.

Heavier cardstock soaks up the ink causing the bar codes not to scan.

Wire hangers – adult or child size is acceptable

We do not allow any plastic hangers as they easily break and cause your items to be tossed on the floor and we do not want to risk damage or getting dirty.  Items on the floor will not sell.

Wire hangers are an investment, but like all businesses a little bit goes a long ways. For as little as 6 cents each, hangers make your items look more like new and sell better – making you more money. We strive to set ourselves apart from the yard sales and Facebook groups by organizing the items like a store where shoppers can shop with a smile and not dig through piles. 6 cent investment is minimal when your return is $2-5 more than you typically get in other places. We use wire hangers to save space, allowing more clothing items to be placed on the rack.

Wire hangers with plastic coating is acceptable.

We do not remove clothing at checkout.  Please use cheap wire hangers or ask your dry cleaners if they have some.

Wire hangers can be purchased from NM Kids Consignment Sales at our cost, or cases of 500 can be purchased at Katzsons Brothers Hotel Supply in Albuquerque.

Safety Pins – use at least 1 inch safety pin

Pins are used to attach some clothing items (pants for example) to the hangers.  Hangers with clips will not be allowed as those items get pulled off the hanger and dropped to the floor.  Items on the floor do not sell and set are often lost.

Pins are also used to attach your tags to the garment (tagging guns are allowed, but the needle is bigger in size than a safety pin and often causes tears, holes and rips.  Tagging guns also can cause frustration while often jamming.  We recommend pinning the tag for a hassle free experience.)

Straight pins are not allowed – they easily come loose while often stick you and buyers

Clear Packing Tape

Use tape to secure all parts of toys and tags to non-clothing items.

Tape will not stay on cloth – please do not use it on clothing or bedding.

Use a small piece of tape to cover the safety pin attaching your tag to clothing items, this will ensure tags stay on while shoppers are busy going through the clothes racks.

Masking tape

Add a small piece of tape with your seller number and/or item number to any item at risk of losing its tag.

We suggest putting this on the clothing near the label, inside each shoe, on each part of toys with multiple parts, etc.  This helps us to retag any items that happen to lose their tag during the sale.

Zipties aka cable ties

– great for keeping shoes together or attaching small pieces

Zipper storage bags

-various sizes

Perfect for keeping shoes together, bottles, toys, and groups of books.

Also large bedding Ziploc bags can hold bedding or multiple piece toys.

Don’t forget to tape the bags closed.

Tape the tag to the OUTSIDE of the bag.

Working batteries

required in all toys and equipment where needed

Cleaning Wipes

Great for cleaning toys and furniture to help them look like new and sell better.

Magic Erasers

Great for cleaning more stubborn marks on toys and furniture to help make them look like new. This will help your items to sell better.

For helpful information on preparing your items for consignment.

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