Using Our Online Tagging System

My Consignment Manager is an online system that we use for each of our sales events.  This easy-to-use program makes the tagging and managing inventory more efficient from start to finish.

You will use the system to do the following:

Register to participate as a seller

Select a drop off time – decide what works best for your schedule

Select a date and time to help sell items as a Star Seller

Enter and edit items for the sale

Select if YOU want to have any or all of your items discounted by 50% at HALF OFF sales event

Select if YOU want to donate your unsold items and manage your inventory for tax purposes

Print tags

Manage your inventory – not available during the sale

View reports of items sold each night during the sale



To use the My Consignment Manager system, you first must create an account, register for our sale and pre-pay the $15 registration fee.  This allows you to use the tagging system shortly after you have registered.  See Star Seller Incentives to see how you can get a refund on a portion of your registration fee and/or earn more commission on your items sold.

If you have used My Consignment Manager with another sale in the nation, you can transfer your previously unsold items to this sale.  Please contact us and we can try to give you the same seller number.

Entering Items:

Your time is valuable!  Save time by sorting clothing by gender and size.  Put all non-clothing items together.  Use the LOGIN button to begin entering your items.

YOU assign the prices for your items, but we recommend you price them 50-70% less than current retail prices (clothes 75-80% less than retail).   Infants grow out of their clothing quicker and families often have an abundance of it, try to make your items more attractive to shoppers by lowering the price a little bit.  Brands such as Gap, The Children’s Place, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, etc. go quickly and can be priced at the higher end of our guidelines.  Some strollers, items new with tags, outdoor play equipment and high-demand items will sell for more. Just keep in mind what you would pay for an item yourself and price accordingly.  Sellers who price reasonably and allow items to be discounted on ½ price day often sell a higher percentage of their items.  This means more profit for you.

In the description field, give as much detail as possible.  This is especially helpful if a tag gets lost, we have the ability to search the database to match items with their lost tags during the sale.  It is much easier to match a book labeled “In the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder” than to a “book” or “red and yellow monster truck shirt” than “shirt.”  Use common colors to describe your product.  Red is more common to describe than burgundy or maroon.  Also, list clothing sizes in numerical sizes.  If a shirt says small, choose the size your child wore when he wore it.  Capital letters take up more room, use them sparingly and avoid having to edit your tag before printing.

You have the option to check the discount box.  By doing so, your item will be sold at half price (50% off the price you have entered) on the half off day – typically the last day of the sale.  By leaving the box unchecked, then your item will not be marked down.  We suggest pricing your items at a reasonable price and selecting the discount option.  If you plan to donate your items, we strongly recommend you try to sell it at discount. You may choose to discount some or all of your items.  To activate the discount, the tag MUST be printed with a “Discount: YES” on the tag.  No hand written tags or altering the tag will be accepted.

If you choose to ‘Donate’ your items, this means you will NOT be returning after the sale is over to collect your unsold merchandise. These items will be given to a local charity.  Check the box next to donate to allow your items to be donated OR leave it blank if you do not want your items donated. You may choose to donate some or all of your items. Your tags will print with a ‘D’ for donate or blank for do not donate.  All items remaining on the sales floor at the end of pick-up, including any items in the lost and found, will be donated – regardless of what is on your tag.

PLEASE NOTE: Notice at the bottom of the screen that all of your items are listed below the entry form. If you leave this tab or are timed out of the system, then all of the items at the bottom of the page will disappear. DO NOT WORRY. They are still in the database and can be accessed via the Manage Inventory screen.

The Manage Inventory screen can be used to edit multiple items at once, delete items after a sale, or transfer items between sales.

Printing Tags

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to print your tags. Most computers already have this installed.  If you need Acrobat Reader, you can download it directly from Adobe for free.






Under the PRINT TAGS tab, use the selection box under the word “Refresh List” to check mark the tags you want to print.  You can also check the “All” button just above the “Refresh List” button to select all the tags and save time.  Tags will print eight (8) to a page.  Save paper and work in multiplies of eight (8). You can print all your tags at once or a few at a time.  You can also save the PDF document containing your tags to your computer or a USB drive and print them whenever you want.  You can also take the USB drive to an office supply store to have them printed.

If the system prompts you for a print code, then you have logged in through the wrong website. Always log-in through to avoid this error message.

You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.  You will see what your tags will look like on the screen. If you are not satisfied with your tags, close the PDF window and the ‘Generate & Print Tags’ window and edit your tags in the Manage Inventory tab.

NO PDF TAGS SHOWING?  Try right clicking on your mouse while you are on the link and choosing “open in a new window.” Your pop-up blocker may interfere with Adobe.

Load your printer with 60-67# WHITE (or light colors – NO dark colors) card-stock only, which is widely available at office supply stores or Walmart/Target/Office Depot/Staples.  DO NOT PRINT ON REGULAR COPY PAPER.  The tags will go through a lot of handling during the sale and regular paper tends to tear and wrinkle and bend and cause problems. Change the paper orientation to portrait. Use a normal or “draft” print setting only. Printouts that are too light or too heavy will keep the barcodes from scanning correctly. If you have a color printer choose to print from “black cartridge only”.  Your tags will print with the barcode right on the tag.

Check your tags

Check the printout after the first page of tags so you can catch any mistakes and check the quality of the barcode before you continue.  Did you get an ERROR when printing?  Are your barcodes FUZZY/THICK/VERY DARK?  Go to the “Print Items” tab and select these items again and reprint with a lower print quality.  If your tags are not printed right, we will have trouble scanning them at check-out and buyers may decide not to buy your item.

Cut tags apart and stack in order so you can attach with 1 inch or larger safety pins (for clothing) or clear packing tape for bagged items, books, toys, etc. DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BARCODE.  Pay attention when attaching tags to notice the description and make sure it matches the item.

Important Notes to Remember

The system will have a nightly maintenance window of 10:00 PM to 10:15 PM. Plan ahead for this and consider it time for a brief break. This is controlled by our service provider and beyond our control.

We CANNOT accept handwritten tags. Items must be tagged using the My Consignment Manager system.

Changes in price, discount, donate information CANNOT be handwritten on tags.  During the sale the system is locked and the information in the barcode will override any information written on the tag.  If you decide to change the price, discount, or donate information, you will need to edit the tag, reprint the new tag and attach to the item.

Once the sale inventory locks, no changes can be made to tags.  You may still print your tags.

You may handwrite or edit information like size or description on the tag, but please remember if the tag is lost from the item we will be less likely to match lost tags with items with no tags.

Contact us with any questions or problems you encounter.  We want this process to be quick and easy for you!


Select a Drop-off/Check-In Appointment

Once the drop-off times are made available, you can go to the “drop-off” tab, check the box for the time and date that you want, then click the “add me to the appointment” button.  You may login into the system at any time before the schedule is locked, change your time by removing yourself from the selected appointment and picking a new one.  Please note evening and Saturday appointments fill up quickly, so please select those times ASAP if you require them.

Select a Star Seller Shift

Once the Star Seller shifts are made available, you can go to the “Star Seller” tab and select the shift (time and date and position) that you want.  Click the button “add me to the selected shifts”.  If you need to change your shift, please login at any time before the schedule is locked, click on the “remove me from selected shift(s), and then pick a new one.  Please note evening and Saturday appointments fill up quickly, so please select those times ASAP if you require them.


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